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As Seen On HGTV

A few months ago our business was approached by Ron Howard (general contractor and owner of Home Remedies Construction) to do the cabinets on a lake house. While this is nothing out of the ordinary, the circumstances around his client's remodel were pretty special. Ron shared with us that the couple and their remodel adventure were to be shown as part of a new HGTV show: Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation. Needless to say, we were so excited to be a part of this project! It would be the first time that our work would have national representation.

HGTV Filming at Greg Davis Custom Woodworks shop

Upon our initial design meeting with the Nori's we learned that they planned to do all new upper cabinets but keep the lower cabinets, possibly with new door fronts. Their hope was to salvage some budget by using the existing cabinets.

After walking them through options and offering advice to replace all of the cabinets, we were really pleased that they decided to let us install a full new kitchen for them. They showed us a picture of what they were hoping for: a modern kitchen with navy stained cabinets featuring wood with cathedral grains (high arches). Kelli talked about using Pine for the cabinets to save on cost, but after showing how stain takes to Pine versus Ash, it was a no-brainer: Ash for the win! We knew that the end result would be well worth the investment, budget spent that would not be a regret in the future. Every inch of their kitchen would have a seamless, beautiful refresh!

While they had decided to replace all of the cabinets, they still wanted to stain themselves to save on cost. So, we helped put together some stain samples for them. Kelli had her heart set on deep navy stained cabinets, which we were all about! Deep navy stain to bring out the distinctive high arches in their ash, amiright??

Nori's Ash Cabinets with Cathedral Grain and Navy Stain

Stain Recipe for Deep Navy Stained Cabinets

The final recipe of perfection: Minwax Ebony with a custom tinted Sherwin Williams navy stain over the top. You could achieve a similar look using Rustoleum's Worn Navy too!

We have all seen renovation shows on HGTV. The installation of bits and pieces of the project are shown in a whirlwind of work, understandably. That being said, we pretty much expected our work to be represented in a ten second time-lapse. Well weren't we pleased when we were able to accurately state: AS SEEN ON HGTV.

As Seen On HGTV

You really can see us on our episode! When the episode aired on May 20th, we had some friends and family gathered. Everyone shouted with shock and excitement to see our design consultation with the Nori's, our stain samples, our installation, and our final product FEATURED on TV! For a small town, self-taught, grow by word-of-mouth business; that's pretty cool!

This was a really fun project for us to be a part of, for obvious reasons. BUT for us it will always be about the client. We may never be featured in this way again, but our work will always be equally rewarding as long as we can make people happy in their homes.

The episode is: Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation, Season 1, Episode 8 "Northeast Texas Turnaround". You can find the first season here:

Check out this gallery to see more of our HGTV experience and work on the Nori's updated lakefront property on Lake Cypress Springs:

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